July 2022

Myths in Domestic Adoption

At ICM, our adoption department works hard to accomplish our mission of glorifying God by restoring and empowering families. We value ALL aspects of our work in Adoption and one of our responsibilities is to help dispel myths! Below you will find a list of myths we frequently come across regarding . 
  • Expectant parents making adoption plans are only doing so because of economic reasons. Although this is sometimes a factor in their decision, there are many complexities to most situations where parents choose to place their baby for adoption. Some people assume expectant parents "just don't want their babies". This is inaccurate. The biological parents in adoptive situations love their child and are often making the decision to choose adoption based on what they believe is best for their child despite the great grief and loss they experience as parents.  
  • Adoptions are going to cost $40,000 - $50,000. This can happen but is absolutely not always the case. 
  • If I want to adopt a newborn, my adoption agency and/or attorney will always be able to match me with one. Many adoptions happen through social networking and grapevine relationships.
  • Closed adoptions are best. Research shows that semi-open to open adoptions are almost always the best options for everyone involved. 
  • Multiples (twins or triplets) are split up into different adoptive families. In reality, this is very uncommon. 
  • Adoption agencies are looking for reasons not to approve prospective adoptive families. The home study process for adoption is very thorough and involved for important reasons. Still, adoption agencies want to be able to approve families for adoption and are not looking for perfection. 
  • If a child is adopted as a newborn, they didn't experience trauma and wont struggle later on in life. Adoption in and of itself is traumatic. Any time a child is separated from their birth parents, they experience significant loss in their lives. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Adoption services, feel free to call our office at 217-355-4446. 
Praises and Prayer Requests

1. Thank God for his ongoing provision for the ministry of ICM.   
2. Ask the Lord to continue to provide for the financial needs of ICM. 
3. Pray for our Adoption staff as they continue to work with children and families participating in the adoption process. 
4. Pray the Lord will continue to work in the lives of individuals and families involved in our Better Together program!


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