ICM was founded by leaders from 11 different churches who came together to meet the needs of vulnerable children. It’s been over 50 years and ICM is still bringing churches together for a common mission: To glorify God by restoring and empowering families.

About a third of the funding that makes ICM’s ministry possible comes from churches (as well as organizations & Sunday School classes!) who believe in our mission.

This page is devoted to honoring those partnerships and all the leaders and volunteers who make them possible.

The perennial flower is one of God’s great gifts. There are countless species of beautiful and hearty perennials, but the incredible thing they have in common is the way they share their gifts year after year. This image from nature reminds us of the enduring blessings we’ve received through many ICM Legacy Church Partners.

Each church we honor here has been partnering with ICM for over 10 years. Many of these churches predate our digital financial records. This means their generosity toward families and children has endured 25 years or more! We think this is a legacy of faithfulness and generosity worth honoring.

We extend our deepest thanks and admiration to these churches for the countless lives they have changed through their generosity and enduring partnership.

We’re checking in with our Legacy Church Partners this summer. An updated list is coming soon!

ICM is committed to growing and strengthening a network of churches who want to invest in the work of adoption, family care and counseling. We are thrilled to share that each of these churches has become a Church Partner with ICM in recent years.

Behind each of these church names is a leadership team that is choosing to invest in the work of restoring and empowering families right here in Illinois.

We’re proud to partner with them and hope you’ll jump in with the work they are doing!

We’re checking in with our Church Partners this summer. An updated list is coming soon!


If you think your church may be interested in exploring a partnership with ICM, please take a moment and fill out our church interest form.

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